Tech DEMO Launching

This is our first game. It took 8 weeks so far, I've been wanting to make a Survival game for awhile and I wanted to learn how to use Unreal Engine, This project was huge for me because I had never made a 3d game, while all the assets in the game are from the Unreal Store, I still had to learn about Textures, UVs, Materials, Light Rendering, and  Post Processing, it felt like a mountain of work.

We launch this Tech Demo to everyone can see and test the basic mecanics of the game.

It is at an early stage of development.

It was implemented so far:
- Collect Wood and Stone;
- Craft some equipments;
- Build a simple base using the collected resources;
- Weapon System with 4 weapons;
- Items to eat or drink
- Areas to drink water


Jul 11, 2019

Get AZSG - Another Zombie Survival Game

The game will be available in 1 year.

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